The Memorial University Engineering Society is more than just a student leadership group - it's a community dedicated to supporting its members throughout their engineering journey.

From the moment you join, the society provides a wealth of resources designed to enhance your learning experience. This includes access to academic support services, mentorship programs, and opportunities to engage in innovative projects.

Moreover, the society fosters a collaborative environment where students can share ideas, learn from each other, and build lasting relationships. Through various events and activities, students can connect with their peers, network with industry professionals, and gain valuable insights into the engineering field.

Ultimately, the society is committed to helping you succeed, providing the tools, guidance, and support you need to reach your academic and career goals.

Get the most out of your co-op experience

Students from Memorial University's Bachelor of Engineering co-operative program are fortunate to have the opportunity to combine academic and practical education through a series of 4 month work terms. While the Co-op Handbook contains most information, this page is to be used as an additional resource to help you navigate the co-op office's expectations.

You can also reference the co-op office's work term guides here:

  • Work Term 1
  • Work Term 2
  • Work Term 3
  • Work Term 4
  • Work Terms 5/6

Important Dates for FALL 2022 Work Term

  • Monday, 29 August 2022: Fall Work Term begins. Complete Work Term Confirmation online in MyMUNLife.
  • Friday, 23 September 2022: Deadline for submission of Work Term Objectives. Submit this form.
  • Friday, 21 October 2022: Deadline for submission of Work Report Outline. Complete online in MyMUNLife.
  • Wednesday, 21 December 2022: Work Term officially ends and deadline for the submission of evaluation forms and communications component documents. Note: If mailing forms/reports, the postmark date will be recorded as the received date.
  • Tuesday, 5 January 2023: Academic courses begin for Fall 2021.
  • 5, 9-11 January 2023: Oral presentations. Students should be prepared to present at this time. Arrangements to be confirmed with your Academic Staff Member in Cooperative Education.

How to claim work-terms towards your P.Eng

On behalf of PEGNL, Mark Fewer held an information session on March 15, 2017, to talk about claiming undergraduate work experience towards your Professional License.

  • Keep a PEGNL Logbook during your work-terms with bi-weekly entries (or at least monthly) between 8-10 lines each, and have a P.Eng (or equivalent) sign off on each entry.
  • You can claim up to 3 work-terms (a maximum of 12 months) of undergraduate work experience, starting after you complete academic Term 4 in the program. This means you can back-log the fall 2016 work-term, and have a P.Eng (or equivalent) that you worked with sign off on the entries, but it is unnecessary since we still have 3 work terms left.
  • If the person signing off on your entries is not a P.Eng, PEGNL will determine equivalency by having them submit their resume with your logbook, so make sure you supervisor is aware of this expectation.
  • Blank logbook pages, and example entries can be found on the PEGNL website. You can print the pages yourself or buy an actual logbook from the PEGNL office downtown. If you do not use their logbook, it is recommended that you at least follow their format.
  • Not looking to stay in NL for your entire career? Don't worry, your professional license is easily transferable between Canadian provinces.
  • The quality and type of experience you earn is also assessed, so be aware of PEGNL's definition of acceptable work experience.

For more details, please reference Mark Fewer's presentation, the PEGNL website, or contact Jordan Careen, Director of Co-op at [email protected].

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